Best Beaches in Grenada

  The island of Grenada is also commonly known as the Spice Island and it can be found in South America. To be specific, its location is around 100 miles in the northern part of Venezuela. The island is actually one of the three islands that composed a nation. The other two isles are Petite Martinique and Carriacou.

Overall, the vicinity of Grenada is unperturbed and laid back so Grenada holidays means that you can get away from the humdrum noise of city living. Plus, the shorelines, the zesty cuisine and especially the friendly locals will surely entice you to either return to the island or stay a bit longer.

And as this is part of the Caribbean, the place is teeming with magnificent beaches. Thus, if you are a beach lover, you will definitely enjoy your Grenada holidays to the fullest. The beaches here boast of sparkling blue waters and lined white powdery sand. Plus, the view is simply breathtaking.

There are around 50 beaches to choose from in Grenada, so selecting which one to pick can also be a bit confusing. So, for you to have some ideas about which are the best beaches in grenada, here is a short list of the famous beaches there:

Grand Anse Beach

This beach is considered as a tourists' favorite. You can walk through the 2-mile expanse of white sand that is protected by a bay. Another good thing about this beach is that it sits close to well-known hotels. Surely, it can be rated as one of

the grandest beaches in the Caribbean. Moreover, the water is always calm so it is ideal for snorkeling, swimming, and other water activities for the whole family.

La Sagesse Beach

This beach was sometimes ranked 3rd by the Sunday Times out of 10 most Tropical Beaches, the La Sagesse Beach is elegant and its beauty attracts visitors around the world. With just a 5 minute walking from the entrance, you enter its quiet, isolated environment ideal for vacationers. it has white and grey sands along running through it southeastern shoreline covering smooth coves and meet rugged coastal rocks.

Morne Rouge Beach (BBC Beach)

This beach, also referred to as the BBC Beach used to be among the most famous beaches by locals, particularly on public festivals. Nowaday's it’s still very recognized and always receives the thumbs up, however it plays second best to Bathway Beach.

So, if you are thinking of visiting visit this beach, yes, of course, it can be a big addition in your favor if you are searching for a quieter relaxing beach adventure.

Magazine Beach

In this white sanded beach, you will find the popular Aquarium restaurant as well as the Rex Grenadian Hotel. Further, if you want a nice snorkeling experience or if you love to kayak, this beach is for you. Though the two mentioned water activities are already a crowd drawer in itself, it is still the cuisine offered at the Aquarium that places Magazine beach on a high level.

Bathway Beach

On the northeastern side of Grenada, you will find the Bathway beach. Most of its visitors are the locals living on that section of the island although it is also being visited by international travelers. The waters here are usually low and protected so even if you are not a good swimmer, you can enjoy taking a dip here.

In conclusion, if you are aiming for gorgeous Caribbean beaches for your holiday, you will certainly find them in Grenada where the sand is powdery white and accented by the pristine clear blue waters.