Role of the Olympic Committee

  1. Propagate the fundamental principles of Olympism at national level within the framework of sports activity and otherwise contribute, among other things, to the diffusion of Olympism in the teaching programmes of physical education and sport in schools and university establishments. See to the creation of institutions which devote themselves to Olympic education. In particular, to concern itself with the establishment and activities of National Olympic Academies, Olympic Museums and cultural programmes related to the Olympic Movement.
  2.  Encourage the development of sports and to pursue the aims and objects of the Central American and Caribbean, Pan American and Commonwealth and Olympic Games, and any other games patronized by the International Olympic Committee.
    1. Ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in Grenada  
    2. Educate the public as to the importance of properly organized physical recreation in improving the health and welfare of the country; assist and to cooperate with various bodies in the provision of better sporting facilities in the country and to encourage the development of sports in Grenada in general.
  3. Raise funds for the purpose of sending teams to the Central American and Caribbean, Pan American and Commonwealth and Olympic Games, and any other Games approved by the International Olympic Committee, and for such purpose to borrow monies on security or otherwise as is necessary from time to time, and to repay such monies as and when arrangements are made there for.
  5. Support and assist where possible in the development of the affiliated National Associations and to assist with the training of sports administrators by organizing courses which contribute to the propagation of the fundamental principles of Olympism.
  6. Commit itself to taking action against any form of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, politics, sex or otherwise, and against violence in sports.
  7. Fight against the use of substances and procedures prohibited by the IOC or the IFs.
  8. To work to maintain harmonious and cooperative relations with appropriate governmental bodies. Nevertheless, the Committee shall preserve its autonomy and resist all pressures of any kind that may prevent it from complying with the Olympic Charter.
  10. Do all such other acts or things which are incidental and conducive to the Mission of the Committee.