Young Ambassadors Program 2014 Summer Youth, Olympic Games in Nanjing

The Grenada Olympic Committee is pleased to inform member federations and the general public that the International Olympic Committee in conjunction with the Grenada Olympic Committee will host the Young Ambassadors (YA) Program on the occasion of the second edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG), Nanjing 2014.

The primary role of the Young Ambassador (YA) is to encourage the athletes to actively participate in a number of learning experiences that take place in parallel to the competition program. Building upon the lessons from Singapore and Innsbruck, the IOC/ GOC is convinced that the role of each YA is central to the success of the YOG and to offer a unique, life-changing experience to all participating athletes. In the true spirit of our YOG and GOC mission, we want to engage with young athletes and other young participants and inspire them to play an active role in their schools and communities.

The YA Program is open to any young, talented and dynamic man/woman aged between 18 and 25. This position will have a real “added value” before, during and after the YOG.
The YA will be a valuable member of the GOC’s YOG team headed by General Secretary of the GOC, Mrs. Veda Bruno- Victor. To turn this role into a successful contribution to Nanjing 2014, the Grenada Olympic Committee have identified a number of key activities in which the YA should be involved:
Once a candidate has been selected, the IOC will organise and cover the travel and accommodation costs for the YA to attend the Youth Ambassadors Seminar, which will be held in Nanjing, China in late March 2014. The IOC and the GOC will also cover the travel and accommodation costs for the YA’s participation in the YOG in August 2014. Please note that the YA’s work is completely volunteer-based and there is no payment planned to compensate for their activities.

Expectations of the YA before the YOG

Motivating and informing the athletes about the YOG’s cultural and educational program (CEP);
Being part of the GOC’s educational or cultural activities for young people;
Getting involved in the GOC’s communication efforts by reporting and/or promoting the coming YOG edition.

During the YOG:

Supporting the Chef de Mission in the YOG’s cultural and educational mission;
Facilitating the participation of your delegation in the cultural and educational program.

Mandatory Requirements

Personality strengths
18 – 25 years old
Positive and optimistic spirit
Interest and experience in sport
Encouraging and motivating
Fluent English speaker Active and dynamic
Good communicator Open-minded
Available for the entire YAs seminar and Games time

Ability to influence/impact (charismatic)
Active social media user Enthusiastic
Deadline to submit Application form and Curriculum Vitae to the GOC…..October 21st, 2013.

"Application Form"

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